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The future of political campaigns

Updated: Sep 9

Political campaigns have changed. At GA Political, we are creating the future of political campaigning by moving people to action.

Campaigns are no longer about running the longest TV spots, sending out the most direct mails or spending the most money: they are about who spend the smartest mind.

In today’s political world where campaigns are getting more expensive and elections are won by small but crucial numbers of votes, putting the right message in front of the right person at the right moment is more important than ever.

There are two fundamental strategies:

1. Abstention is winnable. If you want to win, get interested in the non-voters. Instead of trying to mobilize active voters, the right strategy is to make active NEW voters.

2. Persuade the undecided voters.

You should never use the two strategies; it is either one or the other. Statistically however, the mobilization strategy of non-voters appears to be the best.

That is the reason why our campaigns are data-driven, through a revolutionary modeling, adapted techniques and a complex audience segmentation.

Traditional political campaign

Traditional political campaign use geographic like zip-codes, or demographics like age, gender or marital status to breakdown voters into target groups. This can work up to a certain point, but the truth is: it misses the important personal details that really drive voter behavior.

But at Global Analytica; we are different. We go a step further. We collect, organize and match your data to OUR data to identify your key audiences, we go beyond just big data.

Our campaigns

We combine geographic and demographic information’s with up to 5000 datapoints of national, political, consumer and lifestyle behaviors for every voter in the said country.

We then add a unique extra layer of data about personality, decision making and motivation: psychographics analysis. This creates an unparallel rich and detailed view of individual voters and issues they care about. So you know define exactly who to target, pinpoint precise prospects with exactly what type of right message. We call this behavioral microtargeting.

Our team of data scientists, psychologists and campaign experts can show you which individual you need to win over in order to secure your victory.

From highly directed direct mail, digital and TV advertising driven by advanced data analytics and online tracking, to the old fashion phone banking and door knocking, we can help you understand your voters like never before.

Because its personality that drives behavior. And behavior obviously influence vote.

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