GA Political shapes your reality


We are the global leader in political and public strategy with over 20 years of experience, supported in 70 countries, mainly in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We offer a team of specialists in political and public strategy, former ministers, former officials in the senior branches of the civil service.

GA Political offers tailored service in order to accompany its clients in all the challenges they face. We developed a multi-intelligence, integrated platform which allows us to play a part in the most complex and difficult cases.

At GA Political, we are creating the future of political campaigning by moving people to action.

GA Political helps advising governments, international organizations, large companies, trade federations and regulated professions or prominent personalities on large-scale ventures – diplomatic, political, commercial, industrial or financial. We help our clients defining strategic axes and presenting arguments for our clients, allowing them better to position themselves in the ecosystem. Our advising services include also strategic communication advising: digital, press relations, crisis management.

GA Political is part of the conglomerate Global Group LLC, a group of several companies. Global Group is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and our experts are consultants at 4 of ICC's leading international policy commissions.